YA Podcast: Recommending great BAME YA

This month, Kate and Darran recommend great YA books by BAME authors, and chat about the politics behind why it’s important. It’s a bit of a political episode, as it goes, given recent events around the tragic deaths of Alton Sterling, Philandro Castile and the following protests in the US, and the rise in incidents of racist abuse in the UK following the EU referendum. We wanted to use the platform we have to champion BAME authors, and some books which have BAME characters as part of a realistic diverse cast. If you click ‘read more’, you can listen, click through to buy any of the books we mention, and there are some other positive actions you can take too. Continue reading “YA Podcast: Recommending great BAME YA”

Podcast: Shakespeare400 – The Complete Walk

On Saturday 23rd April, as part of the commemorations of the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, Rob and Kate took part in The Complete Walk, a free, interactive celebration of Shakespeare’s plays created by Shakespeare’s Globe, and podcasted around the way. We talked about the walk and our thoughts about Shakespeare, including our favourite plays, most watched, and favourite productions. Continue reading “Podcast: Shakespeare400 – The Complete Walk”