Weekend Reads: Addicted to books, Best first lines, Highlighted Kindle passages and more

buzzSettle down for some reading this weekend with our selection of the best articles we enjoyed this past week.

25 Signs You’re Addicted to Books (BuzzFeed)
Us? Addicted?

100 Best First Lines of Novels (InfoPlease)
The editors of American Book Review selected what they consider the most memorable first lines of novels.

What the Kindle’s Most Highlighted passages tell us about the soul of the American reader (New Republic)
Amazon keeps a running list of the most highlighted Kindle passages of all time. It’s a glimpse into our collective, most interior, and most embarrassing preoccupations.

Manila less than thrilled at Dan Brown’s Inferno (Guardian)
City chairman lodges protest with author over his description of Philippines capital as ‘the gates of hell’ in latest novel.

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– Rob Chilver

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