Weekend Reads: How to write Star Trek, Retyping The Great Gatsby, Westworld and more

westworld-movie-poster-1973-1020198246Settle down for some reading this weekend with our selection of the best articles we enjoyed this past week.

Pages from the Official Writer’s Guide to Star Trek, 1967 (Slate)
Excerpts from a 31-page photocopied writers’ guide for the original Star Trek series show how early Trek episodes were crafted. The guide, written in 1967, was meant to help writers for the year-old show—as well as prospective writers working on spec scripts—nail the tone and content of a typical “Trek” episode.

Retyping The Great Gatsby (RobAroundBooks)
Retyping Fitzgerald’s novel by hand to get to the very heart of The Great Gatsby.

How Michael Crichton’s Westworld Pioneered Modern Special Effects (The New Yorker)
The rise of the pixel in cinema may feel like a recent development, but this year actually marks its fortieth anniversary. It began in 1973, with the release of a low-budget science-fiction film, Michael Crichton’s “Westworld.”

I’m Bret Easton Ellis. Author and Screenwriter. AMA. (Reddit)
Bret Easton Ellis answers almost everything in a Q&A on Reddit.

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– Rob Chilver


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