Weekend Reads: A Scrabble Poem, Eight Rules for Writing Fiction, Forty Unbelievable Sequels and more

9922324Settle down for some reading this weekend with our selection of the best articles we enjoyed this past week.

A Poem Which Uses All 100 Scrabble Tiles (Boing Boing)
Mike Keith forumlated this brilliant poem using all 100 scrabble tiles for each of 6 verses in iambic pentameter

Eight Rules for Writing Fiction (The New Yorker)
Writing fiction is not as hard as it seems, as long as you follow these eight simple rules.

40 Unbelievable Movies Sequels You Never Knew Existed (Empire)
Cousin Eddie’s Island to Wild Things: Foursome… and back again.

Five Authors Who Wrote Books Before Turning Twenty-One (Huffington Post)
From Bret Easton Ellis to dragons.

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– Rob Chilver

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