Weekend Reads: Typing Jaws, Reinventing Book Clubs and James Franco Book Covers

Settle down for some reading this weekend with our selection of the best articles we enjoyed this past week. Featuring Jaws, beer and James Franco…

Jaws: The Text Adventure Game (Polygon)

Type away and terrify the seas in Jaws: The Text Adventure Game!

The Reinvention of the Modern Book Club: Now With More Beer (Book Riot)

This summer Book Riot caught up with five boozy book clubs from Brooklyn to Seattle to find out what they’ve been reading and how they’re reinventing the literary gathering.

What Does It Mean to Own a Book? (The New Yorker)

A new book reading app challenges what it means to own a book.

What Happens When You Put James Franco on the Covers of Famous Books (Book Riot)

Book Riot presents 10 Franco-fied classics for your suddenly smouldering bookshelf.

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– Rob Chilver

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