Podcast: Juggling Books and Rewriting Austen

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This week Kate and Rob discussing juggling books, rewriting Jane Austen and news of a new podcast!

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Episode 66. An Adventures With Words production.

4 thoughts on “Podcast: Juggling Books and Rewriting Austen

  1. Megan says:

    I’m a book juggler, but not as successfully as I once was. I find that if I’m more engaged with one of the books I’ve picked up, that one gets read the fastest. (Which is a pain if my interest doesn’t coincide with a deadline)

    I also really enjoyed the discussion about The Jane Austen Project. On the one hand, I agree that involving more original thought/content would make for (possibly) a more interesting book. But it’s also interesting to think about it from the writer’s perspective, it’s kind of an awesome writing exercise. I’ve only ever made it through Persuasion, so I’m not deeply offended for Austen or anything, but I will be interested to see whether or not these news books increase interest in the old.

  2. Louise says:

    Hmm at the moment I’m reading 2 audiobooks, 2 ebooks and 6 different paper books. So I guess I’m a book juggler. I usually read quite different books, I guess it’s good brain exercise! 🙂 At the moment I’m mainly focusing on Susan Hill’s The Pure in Heart, as it’s the one that appeals to me the most, and “Blue Mountain” – as I only need to finish that and one other book to finish my around the world Goodreads challenge!

  3. Perri says:

    I’ve turned into a book juggler this year since going back to uni and having less time to read.I usually have an audiobook on the go in my car and another on my iPhone, plus I listen to Harry Potter books to get to sleep sometimes! I’m reading 1-2 books for pleasure, plus several more for studies.

    Great podcast as always!

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