Join us on the Underworld Readalong

Today starts our read along of Don DeLillo’s Underworld. Why? It began when Jackie from Farmlane books tweeted a link to Flavorwire’s piece detailing the “Top 50 incredibly tough books for extreme readers“. Out of all the books listed, Underworld was the one that leapt out for me. The only DeLillo I’ve read before was Libra, a stunning book focussing on the JFK assassination. This was a set text on my American Literature course at UEA and a book I devoured. It was a book that enthralled the entire class with its perfectly crafted prose and plot and has stuck with me ever since.

Following on from this article, a group of us, @utterbiblio, @booklovinggirl, @farmlanebooks and myself, have decided to tackle this ‘difficult’ book and on what better day to start than on DeLillo’s birthday? We’ll be reading thirty or so pages a week and discussing these on Twitter using the hashtag #underworldalong. Also feel free to join in on the comments here as I’ll be blogging my progress here.

See you at the end of all 827 pages!

– Rob

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