The Adventure of Silver Blaze

A missing horse, a dead body and some classic deduction from Holmes.

From The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes to The Memoirs… now and a visit to Dartmoor. Silver Blaze, the favourite for the upcoming Wessex Cup has gone missing and its trainer John Straker has been found dead on the Moors, his head caved in. A suspect is in custody but not everything is as it seems.

Holmes is faced with a number of mysteries to solve: where is Silver Blaze and who killed John Straker? All the while, is the arrested culprit, a Fitzroy Simpson, a man known amongst the gambling circles and seen around the missing horse’s stables, really guilty of the murder?

Here we see some classic deduction from Holmes, aided by Watson and Inspector Gregory from Scotland Yard. Holmes traces the whereabouts of the horse and solves the murder in record time. But will Silver Blaze turn up in time for the race? Even Holmes is not one hundred per cent sure.

This was an enjoyable and atmospheric mystery that unravels at a delightful pace. It also won’t be our last trip to the Moors… Tomorrow is The Adventure of the Yellow Face.

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