Introducing Quick Reads 2014

Introducing the six new titles for Quick Reads for 2014.

With one in six adults in the UK finding reading difficult and perhaps never picking up a book, Quick Reads are on a mission to quash this fear. They commission short books from some of the biggest writers today that are both accessible and hugely enjoyable.

Last year we interviewed Cathy Rentenzbrink, Project Director of Quick Reads, about the scheme and the books that were selected. This year they have Rules for Dating a Romantic Hero, by Harriet Evans, Hidden, by Barbara Taylor Bradford, The Escape, by Lynda LaPlante, A Cruel Fate, by Lindsay Davis, Four Warned, by Jeffrey Archer and Blackout, by Emily Barr.

So whether English is your second language, you struggle with reading or simply want a quick read then Quick Reads has a story for you.

Here’s a great video with some familiar faces talking about Quick Reads and what books mean to them:

To learn more about Quick Reads visit their website here or follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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