Exploring Bond In Motion

On Wednesday, we ventured to the Bond In Motion exhibit, currently on display at the London Film Museum. Rob got the chance to fully embrace his inner Bond-nerd…

Having read all the books, devoured the films and listened to the audiobooks on repeat, imagine my delight when I heard that the Bond In Motion exhibit was making its way to the London Film Museum. The exhibit showcases the largest official collection of vehicles, featuring all of 007’s modes of transport, and the opportunity to see them all up close and in person put me firmly into 00-heaven. (Sorry).


As you can see from the photos, all of the iconic vehicles from the films are present and correct. There is the Lotus car, numerous Aston Martins, including that one, alongside motorbikes, boats and more. I’d recommend getting the audio guide as it details plenty of behind the scenes secrets and interviews and also happens to be narrated by the former Stig!

Also featured are a number of props and models from the films as well as a number of vintage toys and collectables from years gone by. With all the gadgetry on display, its not often that you get to venture into Q Branch itself…


Bond is Motion is currently on show at the London Film Museum in Covent Garden.

– Rob @robchilver You can see all of Rob’s photos from the exhibit here on Flickr.

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