#PaperVsPixels April Reading Challenge with Laure Eve

I’m always intrigued by reading challenges, and #PaperVsPixels is a challenge with a difference. It’s not reading a certain number of books, reading within a different genre or a particular author. #PaperVsPixels is a challenge issued by Laure Eve, author of Fearsome Dreamer, published by Hot Key Books, and she’s challenging us to change the way in which we read in April.

Here’s Laure to explain more:

So, like the split between the two groups in Fearsome Dreamer, are you going to pick paper or pixels?

This had me in a real quandary. I already have the paper books I’m going to be reading this April. However, if I’m going to do this challenge properly, I shouldn’t read any of those and trying just e-reading. I’m stuck!


So, I’ve decided to use this as a chance to pick pixels (although not exclusively!) and try to read a bit more electronically. My poor Kindle has been a bit neglected lately, in its nice pink case, so I’m going try to give it a new lease of life over the next month. I’ve already downloaded some great new young adult titles that I’m looking forward to reviewing.

I’ll keep you updated about how I’m getting on, but I’m aiming to read at least four titles on the Kindle this month.

Thanks to Laure Eve and Hot Key Books for inspiring me!


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