Tea India – perfect reading accessory?

I thought I’d write you a review today, but it’s a review with a bit of a difference… Like many readers, I’m also a lover of a good cup of tea – perhaps it comes from reading the Blackberry Farm books when I was little, which always finished with a “nice cup of tea” at the end. I’m always on the lookout for really tasty teas (preferably good value) to keep me alert while I’m reading. 

I noticed recently that Tea India – a brand I’d noticed in supermarkets but not tried – were giving free samples of their chai varieties via their Facebook page and decided to ask for some to be sent my way. I’m a big fan of Teapigs in general but they’re not cheap and I drink chai tea at quite a rate, so I was hoping these would be tasty but a bit less expensive.


Here’s my pack of teabags to try – three Masala Chai, three Vanilla Chai and three Cardamom Chai; very generous! Plus, there was also a voucher for 50p off with a purchase of Tea India tea in the future. I’ll definitely be using that voucher because I was very pleasantly surprised by all three flavours.

The Vanilla Chai is smooth and not too sweet, the Masala Chai is strong and robust yet not overpowering, but my favourite was the Cardamom Chai – it was spicy with a hint of sweetness and the cardamom flavour that makes me think of delicious India sweets and deserts. Perfect to go with a good book in the evening. I tried all three teas without any additional sugar and with just a splash of skimmed milk, but you could make a very sweet strong brew in the traditional Indian way if you wanted to.

If you follow Tea India on Twitter (@TeaIndia) or like their page on Facebook, you may be able to get yourself a sample pack and see if you enjoy the flavours too…

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