Podcast: Overlooked Books

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Hello again! This episode is all about Overlooked Books; books that have slipped off the shelves but are still a great read, those tricky fourth novels, books that deserve to be better known or more widely read.

We also talk about how important personal recommendations are when ‘selling’ a book, our Triple Choice Tuesday choices for Kim at Reading Matters, the Fiction Uncovered initiative, and My Independent Bookshop, a way for anyone to recommend up to 12 books and allow people to buy them online and still support an independent bookshop.

10 overlooked novels: how many have you read?

The underrated books whose reputation you want raised:

Ten British Books you should uncover, from Simon Savidge:

Kate’s Triple Choice Tuesday on Reading Matters:

Rob’s Triple Choice Tuesday on Reading Matters:

My Independent Bookshop: Adventures With Words

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Episode 94. An Adventures With Words production.


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