Bought at favourite indie bookshop: Le Petit Prince and The Bookshop Strikes Back

We all know it’s a tough time at the moment for a lot of businesses and not least for independent bookshops but they’re also a very special place, and the best are like magical oases of stories… Some of our favourites include Red Lion Books in Colchester, The Book Hive in Norwich and Shakespeare and Company in Paris. Rob has bought The Bookshop Strikes Back by Ann Patchett and Kate has bought Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

Rob: Working in a bookshop (and the staff discount that accompanies it) means that I don’t often buy books from other shops. The exception though is for Independent Bookshop Week and the exclusive titles that are produced just for the indies. I just had to get this booklet by Patchett when I saw the  the title!

Kate: I loved The Little Prince when I read it in English at a very young age – it’s such a bittersweet, poignant story – so when I was in Paris, and visited Shakespeare and Company, I couldn’t resist this copy of the book in the original French. The illustrations are so beautiful and my French is just about good enough that I can understand it. I really treasure this book.

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