Film tie-in: World War Z and The Perfect Storm #bookaday

A film can mean a book you love is suddenly flying off the shelves, although it can also mean the cover looks very different! For today, Rob’s picked a Hollywood-endorsed copy of World War Z by Max Brooks and Kate’s chosen The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger.

Rob: I was given this copy of World War Z, with a dedication from Max Brooks:
“Robert, remember dry socks! No one needs trench foot! Max”
I’ve yet to see the film, with its mixed reviews, but highly look forward to reading the book.

Kate: I saw the film of The Perfect Storm before I realised there was a book. Then I read it, and found it a really fascinating insight into the whole community when I read it. You’re told the story of the men in the boat (the focus of the film) but also the people back home, the meteorologists, the lifeboat crews… It’s a brilliant piece of factual writing. You might notice the cover isn’t a ‘film’ cover (I never buy those) but it’s a movie tie-in for me, because without the film I wouldn’t have bought the book.

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