More than one copy: Room and Feersum Endjinn #bookaday

So, sometimes you forget you already had it and you buy it again. Sometimes you get it as a gift. Sometimes there’s a special reason for it – we’ve both got more than one copy of a book. For Rob, it’s Room by Emma Donoghue and for Kate it’s Feersum Endjinn by Iain M Banks.

Rob: I was lucky enough to be given an advance proof copy of Room before anyone knew the massive success it was going to become, then upon its release I was fortunate to be given a hardback. Both sit happily next to each other on my shelf.

Kate: Feersum Endjinn has been by favourite Iain M Banks book since I first read it and I kept that original paperback. Then, one day, Gav of Gavreads came across a signed copy in a secondhand bookshop, bought it, and was kind enough to send it to me. I still love my original – it’s where I first came across this fantastic story – but I will always treasure its wonderful, battered, autographed twin.

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