Reminds me of someone I love: Hannibal (!) and The Lord of the Rings #bookaday

A book can be a powerful reminder of someone we love – the person who read it to us, introduced us to that author, the person we bought it with, who gave it to us… In an unusual move, for this theme Rob has chosen Hannibal by Thomas Harris and Kate has chosen Lord of the Rings by J R R Tolkien.

Rob: While I am in no way comparing my father to Hannibal Lecter, Thomas Harris’s Hannibal does bring back recollections of the time when I lived at home with my parents. My dad and I would often read the same books after each other and, with Hannibal, I remember standing in Tesco’s with the hardback, both of us eager to read it before the other.

Kate: Lord of the Rings reminds me of my sister, dad and mum. We have all read and loved this masterpiece many times, spent many happy hours on long car journeys listening to the BBC radio play version and many happy evenings discussing and debating the ideas and philosophies behind it. No book could ever be more ours. #TeamNeilan

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