A book that made you laugh out loud: American Psycho and Artemis Fowl #bookadayUK

Which books tickled Kate and Rob’s funny bones?

Rob: Perhaps not the most obvious choice, but American Psycho is darkly funny and, well, dark. With its brutal look at the Eighties and the now cult figure of Patrick Bateman, Psycho is not for the faint-hearted, but well worth a read. In addition, Bret Easton Ellis once called me a pervert.

Kate: I love reading Artemis Fowl and it makes me laugh every time I come back to it. The characters and plot are fantastic but it’s also incredibly witty. It’s aimed at middle grade/young adult but it’s completely unpatronising, full of great word play and puns, nods and winks and a generous dollop of troll farts and slobber too.

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