Favourite French book for Bastille Day: Asterix and The Count of Monte Cristo #bookadayuk

It’s Bastille Day, when the French revolutionaries stormed that great symbol of Royal power, freeing their comrades and criminals alike. So quickly, before they fetch Madame la Guillotine, here are Rob and Kate’s favourite French books…

Rob: Impossible to pick just one, my favourite French books feature a feisty village resisting the Roman army. It has to be Asterix. Delightfully witty and inventive, these comics-turned-books kept me thoroughly entertained through childhood into adulthood.

Kate: I devoured the works of Dumas in my late teens and especially loved The Count of Monte Cristo. It’s a really dark novel, full of thwarted love, deceit and ultimately the desire for revenge at any cost. I’d choose this over Dumas’ Musketeer novels for its sheer brutality and determination to shock and surprise as the Count ticks the names – and bodies – off his list.

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