Favourite Great War Novel: Birdsong and A Month In The Country #bookadayUK

Kate and Rob choose their favourite books that reflect upon the Great War.

Rob: A lot of my reading focusses on the Second World War but when I read A Month in the Country for Hear…Read This! it left me wanting to read more. A short book that carries a lot of weight between its pages, it follows one man as he tries to readjust to life after the horrors that he has witnessed.

Kate: Birdsong is an extraordinary novel with two narratives: a young idealist, visiting France and falling in love with the wife of a French industrialist and a traumatised British officer in charge of tunnelling underneath enemy trenches, a terrifying undertaking, as well as the young woman in the present day who is putting the pieces of these broken jigsaws together again. An incredibly moving story. The scenes describing the horror of underground warfare will stay with me forever.


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