Favourite novel in translation: HHhH and Doctor Zhivago #bookadayUK

Time to pick our favourite novels in translation. What would yours be?

Rob: When I first read HHhH it took me totally by surprise. The author’s voice is incredibly strong throughout and is cleverly mixed with the narrative story that he tries so valiantly to tell. It’s a sign of a good book that you don’t even realise it is in translation as the tension builds towards its terrible climax.

Kate: Doctor Zhivago. Oh my, what can you say about Doctor Zhivago? If you think The Fault In Our Stars is a weepy, read Doctor Zhivago. This is one of the most beautiful, moving stories I’ve ever had the privilege to read, encompassing political upheaval and personal joy and tragedy – young people brought together and torn apart by circumstances beyond their control. Just wonderful.

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