It’s World UFO Day! So which books did Rob and Kate pick as their favourite science fiction or fantasy reads?

Rob: I absolutely fell in love with Ready Player One. Its futuristic mix of nostalgia and a hero’s quest ticked all the boxes for me and if you were born in the Eighties and have any interest in what we consider to be the geek culture of the time then YOU MUST READ THIS. I’m nervous about the forthcoming film adaptation and but this remains one of the few books that I would have re-read immediately on finishing it.

Kate: Inversion isn’t the Iain M Banks novel that is picked out as frequently but it’s so unusual that it really stands out as something special. As you read, you seem to be in a medieval or historical setting, with only hints at a science fiction plot, until a subtle change puts a different spin on things. I love Banks’ daring to depart from convention and his character and world-building here is second to none.

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