Most Irritating Character: Emma and The Da Vinci Code #bookadayUK

Time to discuss the characters that just wind you up…

Rob: An irritating¬†character in an irritating book by an irritating author. You think that when you first meet Robert Langdon in The Da Vinci Code you are going to learn lots from him in an interesting and fun way. Instead characters stand around and lecture each other (and you) as if you were reading a poorly written textbook. I still hold a slight grudge against Tom Hanks…

Kate: Most irritating character – Emma, from the novel of the same name. Emma is the only Jane Austen novel I’ve never finished, because I find Emma herself so irritating. I can’t bear the way she meddles with other people’s lives, acting as if she knows best – it’s infuriating! I know she learns her lesson but I can’t bear to spend time with her while she does.

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