Novel with Most Memorable Picnic: The Princess Bride and Emma #bookadayUK

Time for a teddy bear’s picnic…

Rob: Jane Austen’s Emma is back for a second day running. During an outing to Box Hill, Austen shows us the difficulty in trying to engage in a decent and entertaining conversation whilst navigating the minefield of an outdoor picnic.

Kate: This is a brilliant book for so many reasons. It’s got a princess getting married in the title but it’s told by a grandpa to his grandson, who leaves out the ‘boring’ bits,  it’s so self-aware, so witty but who remembers the picnic? Well of course it’s the battle of wits, when Westley – sorry, The Dread Pirate Roberts – outsmarts Vizzini at his own game and…but no, I won’t spoil it for you, you’ll have to read it yourself.

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