The Book That Made You Cry: Levels of Life and The Chaos Walking Trilogy #bookadayUK

Grab the tissues and it’s the books that bring tears to your eyes…

Rob: Julian Barnes’ Levels of Life brought both tears of joy and sadness to my eye. From the heights of ballooning and the accompanying spirit of adventure that it embodies to the depths of despair, this slim book pummels your emotions. As Barnes explores his grief, you can’t help but share in his suffering.

Kate: Forget The Fault In Our Stars. These books are set on another world where people can hear each other’s thoughts, there seem to be no women and there’s a strange native species called the Spackle – there’s even a talking dog, best dog ever in fact – and yet they are possibly the most humane, moving, truthful books I have ever read. These three books have so much to say about self-discovery, prejudice, terrorism, diversity, equality… They are also masterfully written, full of love, loss and – most painfully – hope. How I cried…

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