Rob and I are getting ready to put together our 2014 Review of the Year podcast for you. There have been some fantastic books that we’ve loved this year, but we’d love to know your thoughts too, so we’re sharing the categories with you in case you’d like to get in touch and tell us some of your favourites from 2014.

Here are the categories we’ll be using in our Review of the Year:

  • Best re-read
  • Best SFF
  • Best mystery/thriller
  • Best historical
  • The Simon Savidge Best Nazi Novel Award
  • Best comic novel
  • Most un-put-down-able
  • Best non-fiction
  • Best sense of place
  • Most manipulative
  • Most emotional/moving
  • Best in translation
  • Best book-of-the-film
  • Favourite lead character
  • Best villain
  • Most unusual/surprising
  • Authors who’ve passed away
  • Book of the Year

You can get in touch with us in a number of ways to let us know what some of your choices would be. You can leave a comment under this post, tweet us @wordadventures, leave a message on our Facebook page, email us ([email protected]) or, if you’d like to leave us a message via Speakpipe (button on the Home Page of the website), we can feature your voice message during the podcast!

We’d love to hear from you…! – Kate x

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