Kate’s anticipated reads for 2017 so far

There are some fantastic books set to be published in 2017, Kate is looking forward to reading quite a few already. Here are a selection she’s adding to her TBR and hoping to share her thoughts on, over the coming year…

In 2017, I plan to make a conscious effort to read books by a more diverse range of authors, and books that make me think differently and more positively. Of course I’ll still read things that catch my eye as I go along too, but I’ve been looking out for books that are being recommended, so I’ve already got quite a few 2016 catch-up books, plus plenty of new titles coming out this year.

I thought I’d share some books to look out for, in case you’d like to add them to your TBR too:

…and I’m looking forward to hearing more about Felicia Yap’s new book at the Headline Blogger event in February.

If you’ve not already ready The Power by Naomi Alderman, Shrill by Lindy West, You Will Not Have My Hate by Antoine Leiris, or The Good Immigrant, why not see what you think?

And check out our Books of 2016 round-up podcast for lots more recommendations.

If you have any more recommendations for me, especially great books by BAME authors, please let me know – leave a comment or tweet me @magic_kitten / @wordadventures

Thanks so much to Ming, Alice, Darran, Mariam and the many other people whose recommendations I absorb every day!

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