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Rob Chilver and Kate Neilan are London-based bloggers and podcasters. We blog and talk mainly about books, but we also love comics, film, TV, theatre and music.

Rob was a bookseller for eight years, passionately sharing with fellow readers book recommendations. He’s also the web wizard and editor of our weekly podcast. He’s a big fan of James Bond, crime, thrillers, literary fiction as well as American and post-colonial literature, which he studied at UEA and the University of Kent.

Kate is a former secondary school teacher, who joined Vintage Books as their marketing assistant. Of course, her views are all her own, too! She reads widely, but loves literary fiction, Scandi-crime, good quality sci-fi and fantasy and young adult fiction. She studied English Lit at Durham, where she wrote her dissertation on the changing portrayal of girls and women in Children’s Fiction. When she’s not reading, she loves art, films and cult series like Buffy and Smallville.

Review Policy

Our main reading and reviewing interests are:

  • Literary fiction
  • Young adult
  • Thrillers, particularly police procedurals and espionage
  • Historical fiction
  • Science fiction and fantasy
  • War novels
  • Graphic novels

However, we do also read poetry and sometimes non-fiction, particularly nature/travel writing, literary criticism, historical non-fiction and biography.

If we request a book from a publisher, we will read and review it.
If we receive unsolicited review copies, we will read and review these if we have time.
We can’t always guarantee a time scale, as we both work, but if we agree one with you, we will stick to it.
We will not review anything which has been self-published and we do not accept review requests directly from the author of the book concerned.

Finally, we can’t guarantee that we’ll enjoy the book, but we will provide a fair, honest opinion, whether we have received the book as a review copy or bought it ourselves.

**As of 18th April 2014, we will indicate at the end of a review if a review copy of the book was provided. Receipt of a book does not guarantee a review or endorsement. Our reviews are our honest opinion and are not biased for the purpose of personal gain.**

If you think you’ve got something we’d like to review, please get in touch. You can use the contact form or tweet us.

Cookies and Your Privacy

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  • Julia Jones

    How restrictive is your definition of self pub? I’m a former bookseller and adult educator. I’ve been traditionally published by others and I run my own publishing imprint with my partner who is a traditionally published writer and journalist. These days I publish my own titles in both print and electronic formats because I can achieve a higher production standard and more individuality this way. I’m currently sponsored by the Essex Book Festival to work in Essex schools. I’d love to send you my new book The Lion of Sole Bay or perhaps some information so that you can decide for yourselves if it interests you. I’m on Facebook at Golden Duck / the Strong Winds series / Allingham Family Fictions and as myself. A Facebook recommendation on Louise Denyer’s (Suffolk Book League) page prompted me to contact you

    • Kate - Adventures With Words

      Hi Julia, our review policy above does state we don’t review self-published books, purely because it can be difficult to be critical – if necessary – when receiving a book directly from the writer with no mediator in between. However, we always support Essex Book Festival so if you think your work with them would be of interest, email us – [email protected]

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