Introducing the Sherlock Read-a-long

Happy New Year! And a many happy return to our favourite detective, who is back on our screens tonight on BBC One.

Just how did Sherlock fake his own death? All will be revealed soon but what better way to celebrate than a huge re-read of all the Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes stories.

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First Look ‘Under The Dome’

I’ve grown up with Stephen King’s novels and to a lesser extent, the many number of adaptations into film or television. For every Shawshank Redemption or Stand By Me there is a Maximum Overdrive or a Pet Sematary. (sic) and many more. King’s novels often struggle when they areĀ adaptedĀ as much of the horror comes from within and our own imaginations.

In my early teens we passed around a VHS copy of the television adaptation of ‘IT,’ as Tim Curry forever put a different slant on clowns in what ended up being a great miniseries that was let down only by its television roots and the distinct lack of budget. Remember the ‘spider’?

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Podcast: Neverending Stories

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Kate and Rob discuss the stories that we keep returning to and whether it is always a good thing to have a sequel.

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