Kindle Monthly Deals


Being selected as a Kindle Monthly Deal by Amazon boosts sales and visibility – but are you making the most of it? While there are usually four to six books featured in a Kindle Daily Deal, on average there are between 600-800 books selected for the Monthly Deals*. How are you going to stand out?
While getting into the top 100 Kindle chart is always a priority, being placed and visible on the Kindle Deals pages is of equal importance. Amazon continues to push these choices in their emails but now also on the main page for Kindle books themselves  -with three mentions alone.
A KMD title with an increase in sales and page views will move its way not only up the charts but is also likely to be featured on the main page Kindle Deals.
So are you making the most of these? Here’s how we can help:
  • A targeted and optimised social media campaign for your Kindle Monthly Deals
  • Affiliate sales tracking – we’ll track your daily Amazon affiliate sales for you to help with the optimisation of your ads, your Amazon product page and more. We’ll work out your cost per copy and adjust the ad spend accordingly
  • Hourly sales rank tracking – we’ll track the sales rank of your title every hour. Want to know it’s highest sales position? We’ll let you know. Is your title just about to break into the top 100? We’ll let you know and can adjust the spend accordingly
  • Want to keep track of your book after the promotion ends? We can help there as well.
Get in touch today to find out more about our bespoke KMD deals for publishers.
*K-lytics analysis of Kindle Monthly Deals