#UKYADay Review: The Glass Republic by Tom Pollock

Pen’s life revolves around secrets: the secrets behind her three-month disappearance from school last winter, the secret cause of the scars that mar her face, and, most secret of all, her twin sister Parva: her doppelgänger in London-Under-Glass, the city behind the mirrors.
Pen’s trying to forget Reach Filius Viae and the Wire Mistress and get back to a normal life, but when Parva vanishes, she has no choice but to seek out London’s stranger side. And when Pen journeys through the mirror, she finds a world where scars make you beautiful and criminals will kill you for your face – a world in which Pen’s sister was keeping secrets of her own…
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#UKYADay Review: A Kiss in the Dark by Cat Clarke

When Alex meets Kate the attraction is instant.
Alex is funny, good-looking, and a little shy – everything that Kate wants in a boyfriend.
Alex can’t help falling for Kate, who is pretty, charming and maybe just a little naive…
But one of them is hiding a secret, and as their love blossoms, it threatens to ruin not just their relationship, but their lives.
Passionate, moving and gripping,
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Project UKYA’s #AprilExtravaganza #UKYADay

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