Weekend Reads: Mystery Genre’s Terrible Secret, E-Book Inheritance, What Facebook Knows About You and Aaron Sorkin’s Newsroom

Each weekend we round up some of the best articles or features that you may have missed during the week. Sit down with a coffee (other beverages are available) and enjoy.

The Case of the Mystery Genre’s Terrible Secret – (The Millions)

The biggest secret in crime fiction is that there are only four ways to tie up a mystery. Get ready to have an entire genre irrevocably spoiled.

Will Your Children Inherit Your E-books? – (NPR)

What happens to your e-books when you die?

What Facebook Knows About You – (Technology Review)

The data that Facebook knows about you and the effects it can have on society.

The Newsroom: Are news anchors really that important? – (The Guardian)

Will Aaron Sorkin’s major series The Newsroom do for journalism what his acclaimed West Wing did for US politics?