Podcast: Essex Book Festival week 1 – Kate Hamer and Kerry Hudson

Kate and Rob are back to discuss the first week of the Essex Book Festival, and their thoughts on The Girl In The Red Coat by Kate Hamer and Thirst by Kerry Hudson.
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What literary location would you recreate?

If money were no object, which literary location would you recreate?

With the news this week that JK Rowling is building a structure in the grounds of her house that looks remarkably like Hagrid’s Hut from the Harry Potter movies, this got me thinking: if money were no object, what literary location would I like to replicate? Continue reading “What literary location would you recreate?”

Podcast: A Christmas Gift or Two

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Merry Christmas! Kate and Rob play a board game while they discuss Harry Potter, Lisbeth Salander and the books they are hoping to receive this Christmas. We’ll be back on New Year’s Eve with our round-up of our reading year. Continue reading “Podcast: A Christmas Gift or Two”

Podcast: Magic Drones, Music and Good Reads

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Kate and Rob discuss drones, Harry Potter, book soundtracks and the best books of the year, as selected by Goodreads. Plus Rob announces the Sherlock Read-a-long! Continue reading “Podcast: Magic Drones, Music and Good Reads”

Podcast: Best, Worst and First

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This week Kate and Rob discuss the best and worst books of the 21st Century, the Guardian First Book Award and what they are reading now. Continue reading “Podcast: Best, Worst and First”

Weekend Reads: D&D and Storytelling, Movie Posters, Bookworms and more

bttfSettle down for some reading this weekend with our selection of the best articles we enjoyed this past week. We’ve got film posters, storytelling, who reads the most and more from the recent Gatsby movie. Continue reading “Weekend Reads: D&D and Storytelling, Movie Posters, Bookworms and more”

Podcast: What is Super Thursday?

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Rob and Kate discuss Super Thursday, Event publishing and the books that are set to be released this Christmas.

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