#UKYAday – loved that? Read this!

I’m a big UKYA reader, but then I’ve had a lot of practise – nearly 20 years worth of eagerly devouring fantastic books written for young people. I was lucky to be that age which coincided with the first big wave of books for teens, laying the foundation for the amazing range being published now. So, I thought I’d use those now-classics to recommend some newer UKYA writers you might like to try, if you haven’t already… Continue reading “#UKYAday – loved that? Read this!”

#PaperVsPixels April Reading Challenge with Laure Eve

I’m always intrigued by reading challenges, and #PaperVsPixels is a challenge with a difference. It’s not reading a certain number of books, reading within a different genre or a particular author. #PaperVsPixels is a challenge issued by Laure Eve, author of Fearsome Dreamer, published by Hot Key Books, and she’s challenging us to change the way in which we read in April. Continue reading “#PaperVsPixels April Reading Challenge with Laure Eve”