Review: Jinx, The Wizard’s Apprentice by Sage Blackwood

It’s not every day that your evil stepdad abandons you in the deep, dark forest of Urwald.  And it’s not every day that a wizard rescues you from the clutches of gnarly trolls.  But for Jinx, this isn’t turning out to be a very normal sort of day…
The bubbling cauldrons and coloured potions of the wizard’s house are a world away from the life Jinx has left behind. Even the walls are soaked in magic, and it’s not long before Jinx begins to unlock his own rare powers.
But Simon magus is no ordinary wizard. He seems to need something from Jinx – something dark. And Jinx begins to wonder: can he trust Simon…at all? Continue reading “Review: Jinx, The Wizard’s Apprentice by Sage Blackwood”

Podcast: Magic Drones, Music and Good Reads

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Kate and Rob discuss drones, Harry Potter, book soundtracks and the best books of the year, as selected by Goodreads. Plus Rob announces the Sherlock Read-a-long! Continue reading “Podcast: Magic Drones, Music and Good Reads”

Review: Heroes of Olympus: The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan

One cursed demigod, two new heroes.  A quest to unleash the God of Death…

“I’m the God of Rome. I protect the legions.  I don’t want war without end.  You will serve me.”
“Not likely,” Percy said.
“ I order a quest!” the god announced.  “You will go north and find Thanatos in the land beyond the gods.  You will free him and thwart the plans of the giants.” Continue reading “Review: Heroes of Olympus: The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan”