Review: Walking Home by Simon Armitage

One summer, Simon Armitage decided to walk the Pennine Way – a challenging 256-mile route usually approached from south to north, with the sun, wind and rain at your back.  However, he resolved to tackle it back to front, walking home towards the Yorkshire village where he was born, travelling as a ‘modern troubadour’, without a penny in his pocket and singing for his supper with poetry readings in village halls, churches, pubs and living rooms.  Walking Home describes his extraordinary, yet ordinary, journey of human endeavour, unexpected kindnesses and terrible blisters. Continue reading “Review: Walking Home by Simon Armitage”

Podcast: Where to find new books and… new books!

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This week Rob and Kate discuss where they find out about new books, do ‘blurbs’ work and also a number of new books!

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Podcast: Latitude 2012

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Rob and Kate discuss the highs and (muddy) lows of Latitude 2012!

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