Podcast: Overlooked Books

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Hello again! This episode is all about Overlooked Books; books that have slipped off the shelves but are still a great read, those tricky fourth novels, books that deserve to be better known or more widely read. Continue reading “Podcast: Overlooked Books”

Nigel McDowell – the Tall Tales From Pitch End Q&A

We’re thrilled to bring you this Q&A with Nigel McDowell, author of Tall Tales From Pitch End, which has just been shortlisted for the Essex book Award, and which Kate loved when she reviewed it earlier in the year.  Read on to find out more about Pitch End, Nigel’s inspirations and what he thinks about the importance of storytelling.

P.S. Have you listened to the first episode of Adventures With Words Young Adult Edition yet?  There’s a competition to win a signed copy of Tall Tales From Pitch End, but you must listen to the exclusive Tall Tale featured in the podcast to be able to answer… You’ll find the podcast and competition here! Continue reading “Nigel McDowell – the Tall Tales From Pitch End Q&A”

Introducing… Adventures With Words Young Adult Edition

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Welcome to Adventures With Words Young Adult Edition.  Once a month, Kate will be going solo to discuss the best of Young Adult fiction, old and new, especially great UKYA.  

Don’t worry – your normal podcast will be continuing; you can subscribe to this podcast separately in iTunes if YA is your thing, and you’ll be able to find all the YA Edition podcasts at www.adventureswithwords.com/yaedition

Continue reading “Introducing… Adventures With Words Young Adult Edition”

Review: Tall Tales From Pitch End by Nigel McDowell

talltalesIt’s been ten long years since Bruno Atlas’s father was murdered by Rebels in Pitch End.  A dark, forbidding town of one-footed ravens and clockwork sentries, ruled by the sinister Elders, it’s the only home Bruno has ever known.  Yet Bruno has always felt that there is more to Pitch End that he has been told – and when he finds his father’s old, battered copy of Tall Tales of Pitch End, that story begins to unravel, and an astonishing adventure begins to unfold… Continue reading “Review: Tall Tales From Pitch End by Nigel McDowell”